A story of a young woman who didn’t like itchy sweaters…

Child's play

Chloé de Bailliencourt spent her summer holidays in the Basque coast, and this is why she has a very rooted link to nature, the ocean and the mountains. Still very young, Chloe has designed and crafted clothes, something that had already been done for generations in her family. After her life in Paris and London where she studied, she was in charge of the artistic direction of “Contre Vents et Marées”, and few years later, in 2005, she decided to settle in Ciboure.

Arsène starts to grow

From Ciboure to Tokyo

It was in an old mechanical workshop still cluttered with machines that Chloé launched the Arsène et les pipelettes adventure with just few customers. Little by little, this small company started to grow, and own-name boutiques have been opened in France and in Europe since its foundation. Nowadays, the brand has 150 points of sale all over the world, in Europe, Asia and in the United States. She started with a baby and children collection before launching the women’s collection.

Elegance, hair in the wind


To cultivate a certain elegance in the French way: simple, timeless and free, without ever taking oneself seriously. To spoil childhood freedom and its cheekiness. Or simply seek to make the beautiful comfortable and the comfortable beautiful. This is the path that Arsene et les pipelettes means to create, season after season. But above all, Arsene has an ambition:  to shake up the diktats of disposable fashion to focus on the essential and create items of quality according to sustainable models, capable of lasting through several generations.

The Basque country in the heart


Since its origin, the history of Arsène et les pipelettes is rooted in this place like in no other. Here nature goes first: The Atlantic Ocean in front of you, the Basque mountains behind, the sun shining on your head. This is where the 3 flags of the logo come from. The Basque country is a territory with strong culture and imagination, all that Arsene explores season after season as a source of inspiration.

Our Commitments

For today and tomorrow

We have been committed for several years now towards sustainable development.

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Our stores

France and Europe

The brand is distributed through a network of multibrand stores throughout the world, and also has several own-nam shops, in France and Europe.

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