Would you like to start second hand with us ?

Our clothes are created to last, Arsène et les pipelettes is committed to a more responsible consumption and launches with you its program : SECOND HAND FOR TOMORROW

To encourage a more circular economy, we propose you to bring back your Arsène pieces that have been put in the closet for too long, in order to offer them a new life and make them live new adventures. 

To do so, it's very simple :

#1 Go through your closets and collect the Arsène et les pipelettes pieces you want to sell*.

#2 Visit our participating stores. Our teams will be pleased to welcome you to welcome you and tell you about our our trade-in price list**, that you'll find at the bottom of this page.

#3 You'll be credited with a voucher*** to use on our e-shop or in participating boutiques. New quality pieces that will live many lives.

#4 See you once a year in our second hand sale in Saint Jean-de-Luz, France or all year round in our boutique in Toulouse, France.

* Your item must obviously be in good condition, no holes, no stains, no bad smells, with Arsene et les pipelettes tags and/or wash tags.
The too tired pieces will be, if you wish it, given to associations of recycling. We do not take back swimwear. We take up to 10 second hand items at a time.

**The price per piece is based on the average price of the pieces.
*** Voucher valid for 6 months