You may come across the GOTS label on the internet or on the labels of your clothes, but you may not know what it really means.

Organic cotton labels guarantee that the upstream part of the garment, the part that takes place in the fields, is ecologically responsible. This is already a huge step towards a virtuous garment!

But the GOTS label (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) goes much further. It guarantees an ecological and socially responsible manufacturing process, from the planting of the cotton seed (or linen, hemp, etc.) to the finished garment.

We could summarise the label's guarantees in 4 points:

1. Organic farming.

No GMOs, pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the cultivation of plants: GOTS-certified clothing is made from natural materials grown in a way that respects the soil and people.

The cotton from organic farming, but also flax and hemp, eco-green plants as they do not require any irrigation, requiring little or no pesticides in their cultivation, are compatible with GOTS certification.

2.    Virtuous manufacturing

The GOTS label also guarantees that, from the raw material to the final garment, no environmentally toxic or carcinogenic substances are used in the processing stages (e.g. heavy metals, formaldehydes, phthalates, chlorine bleaching agents, PVC, etc.), and that water and energy consumption and waste management are optimised.

The entire manufacturing chain is rethought from an eco-green perspective.

3. Ethical manufacturing

What the GOTS label finally guarantees is that decent working conditions are respected in the production chain. No forced labour, freedom of association, safe and hygienic working conditions, no child labour or discrimination.

4. Recyclable packaging

All packaging must be recyclable or FSC/PEFC certified (labels of virtuous forest management)


From dresses to combishorts, blouses, shorts and summer trousers, a whole colourful wardrobe is offered in GOTS.


For Boy

Yellow, red, green, blue, GOTS clothing doesn't forget the colours.



Towelling, soft rib, gingham seersucker or plain linen-cotton, nothing is too soft for babies.



From light jackets to colourful sweaters, GOTS-certified pieces for women play on casual elegance.


GOTS certification is carried out by independent accredited bodies, and the GOTS organisation has the legal status of a non-profit organisation.

There are two levels of certification: level 1 "organic", for products containing at least 95% certified organic fibres, and level 2, the "composed of organic fibres" label, which certifies a product containing between 70% and 95% certified organic fibres.

All Arsène garments and pipelettes are certified with a level 1 certificate