Silver Bracelets " Les Inséparables "


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Collaboration Arsène et les Pipelettes & Grizzly chéri

This is the story of a beautiful meeting of girls. On the one hand, there is Chloé, our creator. On the other, Carlotta and the Grizzly team, jewel creators.
Chloé fell for the inseparable Grizzly Chéri, duos of bracelets full of poetry, gold or silver, made to connect the inseparables in life: two girlfriends or boyfriends, a brother and a sister, a mother and her son or daughter...
Carlotta drew on our spring-summer collection, 2 emblematic drawings: a parrot in flight and a leaf of philodendron.

The hardest part now will be choosing your pair of inseparables, the gold or silver, and deciding who gets the parrot and who gets the leaf. It seems that some would even keep the duo...for themselves!

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After redesigning them by hand to adapt them to a jewellery format, the Grizzly team had wax models made by a «magician goldsmith» in Paris, which respects the roundness and irregularities of the drawing. The medals were then cast in brass (hypoallergenic, guaranteed lead-free and nickel-free), then immersed in a pure silver bath. 15 manual operations were necessary to achieve each pair of inseparables. Two colors of waxed cotton were chosen for these collector bracelets: a saffron yellow and an old rose.


Despite their high quality, jewelry does not like water or perfume, avoid them.

Avoid sleeping with your inseparables, they too need rest

Leave them in your bag when you go to the beach: beware of micro-stripes with sand!

When you’re not wearing them, put them in a textile pouch away from light.

To clean your jewels, a clean, dry cloth will be enough to revive their luster.